Biography for Jeff Mylett

“It Says Keds” is a tribute to actor Jeffrey Mylett, of Godspell fame. This is a memorial that has been lovingly patched together, thanks to the contributions of his family, friends, and wonderful fans. In order to get in touch with, Annette, the site moderator, please email her at the following address: It’s a treat to hear from Godspell fans!


Jeffrey Mylett was born on June 8th, 1949 in North Canton, Ohio. He had three siblings (including a twin sister named Jennifer). Jeff wrote music, played the concertina, guitar, and recorder. He attended Hoover High School in Ohio and later worked with John-Michael Tebelak (playwright) in summer repertory companies during his early years at Carnegie Mellon University.

Former Godspell cast member Carla Meyer adds that the summer theater in which she and Jeff once performed was, “in the summer of ’68, at the Huntington Playhouse in Bay Village; a suburb of Cleveland. The next summer was Arkansas.” Jeff made his New York debut in the off-broadway production of Godspell. Jeff not only appeared on stage with the Godspell cast, but also appeared on the Today, Tonight, and Merv Griffin television shows with them. Jeff’s other theatrical credits include being in the original cast of Thoughts, which played at the Lucille Lortel Theatre (then called the Theatre de Lys) for a total of 24 performances in 1973, and The Magic Show, in which Jeff eventually had the lead role after replacing Doug Henning, and the role name was changed to “Jeff.”

He is featured prominently on the original off-Broadway cast recording of Godspell as well as the original motion picture soundtrack. Later in his career, Jeff appeared in two other films including Brewster’s Millions (1985)and My Man Adam(1985). Jeffrey lived in North Canton, (OH), New York, Ridgefield (CT), and Los Angeles, (CA). Unfortunately, he died on May 7th, 1986, due to complications from AIDS.

However, Jeffrey still continues to be remembered today through the people who knew him, all of his work, and especially his success in Godspell. Someone who knew Jeffrey adds: Jeff has two brief scenes in the Richard Pryor movie Brewster’s Millions and one brief scene in My Man Adam. He has a very funny “Candid Camera” type of scene in Money Talks in which he also sings a little. There’s an Australian TV documentary called The God-Man in which he appears as himself and also sings a song he wrote. Aside from these movies, I saw him twice in the Broadway musical The Magic Show and also in his cabaret act. In the 1980s, after he moved from New York to Los Angeles, he started a production company devoted to television documentaries related to the arts, but I don’t think any project got off the ground before he died.”

Since he was devoted to Meher Baba, he can be seen in The God-Man, in which Jeff also plays background music. Also, Samadhi-The House of the Lord, which is another film, opens and closes with Jeff’s song “The House of the Lord.” These are available for purchase online through the Love Street Bookstore. Furthermore, there is a documentary-type film entitled Godspell and the Filming of Godspell, in which Jeffrey can also be seen. This is available for purchase through Facets.

In addition, Jeffrey’s name has been added to the AIDS quilt, which is one massive quilt that goes on for miles and miles. It’s split into blocks, with each block containing a number of patches.

Here’s the block on which Jeffrey’s patch can be found.


This quilt travels all around the nation, stopping especially at colleges and public events. The quilt does have a website, so you can see when it’s at an area near you!

After Jeffrey’s death, a memorial service was held in his honor. You may view the funeral program here.



3 thoughts on “Biography for Jeff Mylett

  1. Many thanks for this tribute page to Jeffrey Mylett. I loved him in Godspell, which I just watched (again). His recorder playing was a special touch.

  2. I just rediscovered Godspell after so many years since 1973. I recalled listening to Jeffrey sing We Beseech Thee and found the move on Apple TV and video of the Original Cast on YouTube. He had a fantastic voice and I loved it. I moved/lived in Hollywood 1983 but do not think I met him. His vibes on film are wonderful.

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